Respirex Toxicity Modeller App Powered by PermaSURE®

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Using the latest toxicity modelling techniques, the PermaSURE® app calculates your safe working time based on the chemical you are working with, the extent of your exposure, the suit you are using and the suit temperature. The permeation data for chemical protective fabric is an important starting point in the decision process of what suit material to choose for working with a given chemical, and provides an excellent means to compare different fabrics, but permeation data alone does not tell you how long you are safe to work, and if used incorrectly can actually give a false sense of security to chemical workers.

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  • Chemprotex 300 SC4

  • Chemprotex™ 300 SC1

  • GLS 300A

  • GLS 300B

  • GLS 300C

  • RJS Respiratory & Chemical Protective Suit

  • GTL Gas-Tight Suit