Dielectric Boot Testing

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Every pair of Workmasterâ„¢ Dielectric boots is electrically tested to EN 50321:2000 prior to dispatch. The test involves filling the boot with water and submerging it in a water bath, an electrode is placed inside the boot, with a second electrode connected to the metal frame of the bath. A test voltage is then applied. Boots are tested at 5kV for leakage current and are then submitted to a withstand test at 10kV for three minutes.

We regularly test samples from production at 20kV (which requires a slightly different setup for the test rig), and customers can specify boots are tested at this higher voltage if required. We also regularly perform a dry withstand test on the sole of the boot at 35kV (the boot is filled with ball bearings rather than water and stood on a metal plate) and again, customers can specify this test if required.

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