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Trainingtech is an additional service provided by Respirex that helps to ensure that personnel can effectively apply and use personal and respiratory protective equipment so that they do not endanger themselves or others through exposure to substances that may be hazardous. Each course has full written content with wearer trials and practical 'hands on' demonstrations of the equipment.

We have often wondered how we can explain to our customers their responsibility for the choice, use and maintenance of PPE and RPE. As a manufacturer of PPE and RPE we have to satisfy the EU directive 89/686/EEC which is why we test and CE mark our products and maintain a quality control system to ISO9001.

The items we produce must satisfy 'Essential Safety Requirements' and it is up to SGS Yardley, our Notified Body, to ensure that the items we produce do meet those requirements. CE marking of the product displays that these requirements are met. The responsibility of the user's employer towards the use of PPE and RPE is detailed in the 'PPE in Work Directive'. The UK equivalent of this directive is the 'PPE in Work Regulation'. These regulations are enacted in 'The Health and Safety at Work Act'.

It is a criminal offence not to adhere to these regulations and there are penalties for failing to comply.

It is the responsibility of the employer under this regulation to provide 'Suitable Protection' and it is his legal obligation to use 'Good Judgement' in his selection. The employer must provide 'Suitable Protection'. This is what we at Respirex have been referring to as 'Fit for Purpose'. The employer needs to ensure the equipment is suitable whilst it continues to be in use i.e. one considered no longer suitable it must be retired.

The employer, in his risk assessment, highlights that he needs to provide/issue PPE or RPE must then ensure three things:

1) The equipment must be 'Suitable for Use' within the circumstances he is going to use it.

2) The personnel must be trained in the 'Use' of the equipment.

3) An adequate maintenance programme to ensure the PPE or RPE remains suitable.

The employer therefore, as part of his responsibility described above, will need to introduce a 'Use and Maintenance Protocol'. This where our Support Services fit in, we must be careful though.

a) We are really only bringing a garment back to 'Original Specification' i.e. it is suitable for use again. This specification does help the employer in satisfying his responsibilities.

b) Depending upon the garment, say: it is an air suit in regular use, we cannot say it is going to be suitable for use until we next service or maintain it, as we do not know what may happen to it once we leave site.

c) Emergency suits are easier in that we say they require maintenance after each use or one per annum.

d) Once a garment is no longer suitable for use, the employer must see that it is no longer used.

Respirex Trainingtech on site courses are directed by a Respirex Qualified Trainer and cover:

  • The effects of exposure to contamination
  • Correct assembly, wearing and removal
  • When and where the equipment should be worn
  • Equipment applications and limitations
  • How to determine that the equipment is fit for use
  • Examination for deterioration and defect reports
  • Correct cleaning and storage

Each delegate will receive a unique signed certificate stating that training has been completed.

One day courses are for four to ten delegates and cost £125 per person plus VAT.