Respirex International


Airtech is a further service provided by Respirex devised to help you comply with COSHH Regulations regarding air quality. Our fully qualified and certified engineer will carry out air quality and volume tests to EN 132 (BS4275) standards and will issue a fully endorsed certificate and record of the test performed.

Should the air quality not meet the required standard, at additional cost we can replace or repair defective components to ensure the system will pass a re-test.

The extract from the COSHH regulation 9 relating to air testing is as follows:

Respiratory Protective Equipment

67) Thorough examinations and, where appropriate, tests of items of RPE, other than one-shift disposable respirators, should be made at least once every month, and more frequently where the conditions are particularly severe.

However, in the case of half-mask respirators used only occasionally, for short spells, against dusts or fumes of relatively low toxicity, longer intervals between examinations may be suitable. In such cases, suitable intervals should be determined by the person responsible for the management of all aspects of the maintenance of RPE, but in any event, the intervals should not exceed 3 months.

68) The examinations should comprise a thorough visual examination of all parts of the respirator or breathing apparatus, in particular of the integrity of straps, facepieces, filters and valves. In the case of RPE incorporating compressed gas cylinders or electric motors, test should be made of the condition and efficiency of those parts, including tests of the pressure in the cylinders. In the case of air-fed RPE, the volume flow and quality of the supplied air should be tested. Any defects disclosed by the examination or test should be remedied before further use.