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Chemprotex 300 SC1 Ultra

Lightweight, Type 3 liquid-tight chemical splash contamination suit, designed for use with breathing apparatus worn outside the suit, or with a face mask and filter.

  • Compatible with the Permasure® Toxicity Modeller for calculation of safe working time with a given chemical based on real world conditions
  • One-piece construction in Chemprotex™ 300
  • Integral hood, with Neoprene rubber face grommet, to seal around the wearer’s face mask
  • 91cm (36”) Nylon zip, fitted across the shoulders in the rear of the suit, with double external zip-flaps sealed with a hook and loop fastener for quicker donning & doffing
  • Chemically protective butyl glove, permanently attached to the suit material 
  • Integral socks, with plain outer leg, allowing the wearing of customer’s own boots (boots not included)
  • Earthing strip on feet for use with ESD/Conductive boots to provide a conductive path from the gloves to earth for static sensitive applications
  • Optional vent kit for airline connection to cooling vest.

Testing & Certification: 

TYPE 3, EN14605:2005+A1 2009
Liquid-Tight Chemical Protective Clothing

TYPE 4, EN14605:2005+A1 2009
Spray-Tight Chemical Protective Clothing

TYPE 5, EN13982-1:2004+A1:2010
Particulate Protective Clothing

TYPE 6, EN13034:2005+A1 2009
Limited Spray-Tight Chemical Protective Clothing

EN1149-1:2006 Antistatic Protective Clothing

EN14126:2003 Protective Clothing Against Infective Agents


  • Hazmax ESD Boots
  • Hazbag

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Chemprotex 300 SC1 Ultra

SC1 Vent Kit

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Chemprotex 300 SC1 Ultra


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Chemprotex 300 SC1 Ultra


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Chemprotex 300 SC1 Ultra