Respirex International

Chemically Protective Footwear


Workmaster™ Hazmax™ Boots and Chemical Overboots provide unbeaten chemical protection, with defined permeation resistance against over 100 chemicals including over 8 hours resistance to Sulphuric acid (96%), Hydrochloric acid (36%), Nitric acid (60-70%) and Hydrofluric Acid (73%).

They are Certified to EN13832 part 3 (Chemical Protective Footwear), conform to EN 943-1 (and are certified to this standard as part of a Respirex Gas-Tight Suit) and meet the requirements of NFPA 1991 (Chemical Vapour Protection). For full chemical permeation details download the product data sheet available under the downloads tab for each product.

  • Hazmax™ ESD Boots

    Hazmax™ ESD Boots

    Chemically protective Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) boot to EN 13832

  • Hazmax™ Boots

    Hazmax™ Boots

    Chemically protective boot to EN 13832

  • Hazmax™ YS Boots

    Hazmax™ YS Boots

    A chemically protective anti-static safety boot with an integral steel toe cap and penetration resistant midsole.

  • Hazmax FPA Boots

    Hazmax FPA Boots

    A heat resistant version of the Hazmax boot conforming to the EN15090 fire boot standard

  • Chemical Maxi Overboots

    Chemical Maxi Overboots

    Chemically protective anti-static overboots to EN 13832

  • Compact Chemical Overboots

    Compact Chemical Overboots

    A chemically protective front-opening overboot with a slip resistant sole designed to be worn over safety shoes and trainers.

  • CBRN Ambidextrous Overboot

    CBRN Ambidextrous Overboot

    A chemically protective anti-static overboot with an ambidextrous quick-don design. Tested against a broad range of hazardous ch…