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RJS Respiratory & Chemical Protective Suit

The RJS 300 Chemical Respirator Suit is a one-piece Type 3 chemical protective suit for use in hazardous industrial and emergency response environments.

Manufactured from Chemprotex™ 300, a high performance, lightweight, chemical barrier fabric the RJS suit protects the wearer against a broad range of industrial chemicals and other agents found in civil emergency situations.

Suit Features:

  • Air drawn through the filters enters through a breathing tube in the hood and exits through exhaust valves in the knees, providing a cooling air stream across the body
  • Chest zip with double storm flap and hook and loop fastener - no taping is required to seal
  • Chemically protective laminated glove welded to the suit material, with elasticated over-sleeve for use with gloves providing mechanical protection without the need for taping of gloves
  • Integral sock foot with elasticated outer leg allows the user to choose their own boots without compromising the level of protection 
  • Head-up display in the hood indicates turbo status, hours used and any warnings 
  • Suit achieves a Type 3 classification without the need for taping at the zip flap, sleeves or ankles, simplifying the donning & doffing process


  • TYPE 3, TYPE 4
    EN 14605:2005+A1:2009
    Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - liquid-tight and spray-tight connections
  • TYPE 5
    EN ISO 13982-1:2004+A1:2010

    Protective clothing against solid particulates
  • TYPE 3-B, TYPE 4-B, TYPE 5-B, TYPE 6-B
    EN 14126:2003
    Protective clothing against infective agents
  • IL:CLASS 1
    EN 1073-2:2002
    Non-ventilated protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination
  • EN 1149-5:2008
    Protective clothing - electrostatic properties
  • EN 12941:1998+A2:2008
    Respiratory protective devices


  • Liquid chemical and solvent handling 
  • Hazardous waste remediation
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Petrochemical applications
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture
  • Laboratories
  • Agriculture
  • Infection control
  • Mass decontamination
  • Hospital first receivers
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Casualty Transport
  • Triage

3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Respirator

The Jupiter turbo unit in the RJS suit provides respiratory protection against a wide range of contaminants. An ergonomically designed padded backpack ensures the unit’s low weight is comfortably carried on the user’s shoulders. As a result, the Jupiter powered air turbo unit is comfortable enough to wear for entire work shifts. 

  • Head-up display indicates turbo status, hours used and warnings
  • Audible and visual low airflow alarm
  • Easy to adjust and maintain
  • IP53 rating. Suitable for use in a decontamination shower.
  • Choice of battery packs with up to 8 hours operational use
  • Range of filters available offering protection from particulate, organic vapour, inorganic and acid gases, ammonia and CBRN hazards

3M™ Jupiter™ Filter Options:

  • P R - Particulates
  • A2P R - Organic vapours and particulates
  • A2BEK1P R - Combination organic vapours, inorganic and acid gases & ammonia and particulates
  • ABE1P R - Combination organic vapours, inorganic and acid gases and particulates

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Product Instructions:

BS112 RJS UIs EN.pdf


CE Certificate:

CE 703142 - I.pdf