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The Flo-Pod suit is a single piece particulate suit for use with the Flo-Pod Powered Respirator, available in a range of materais.

  • Manufactured in either lightweight 150 micron PVC, heavy duty 300 micron PVC, Chemprotex™ 300 (for chemical & infective agent protection) or a white viral and particulate barrier fabric.
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes
  • Elasticated draw-string neck seal
  • Horizontal zip on chest with resealable (hook & loop fastener) cover flap
  • Passes a type 3 jet test without taping the zip flap
  • Range of cuff and foot options
  • Low pressure balanced exhalation valves developed for maximum protection
  • Can be worn by users with glasses or facial hair
  • Wide field of vision


  • TYPE 3, TYPE 4
    EN 14605:2005+A1:2009
    Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - liquid-tight and spray-tight connections
  • TYPE 5
    EN ISO 13982-1:2004+A1:2010
    Protective clothing against solid particulates
  • TYPE 3-B, TYPE 4-B, TYPE 5-B, TYPE 6-B
    EN 14126:2003
    Protective clothing against infective agents
  • EN 12941:1998+A2:2008
    TH3P (powered air) APF 40 NPF 500
Suits with welded gloves and sock foot
150 micron PVC
300 micron PVC
Blue Laminate

Suits with welded gloves and non-slip foot
150 micron PVC
300 micron PVC
Blue Laminate

Suit with elasticated arms and legs
150 micron PVC

Product Sales Sheet:

Flo-pod brochure 2019.pdf


Product Instructions:



CE Certificate:

CE 701704 - I.pdf


Declaration of Conformity: 

EU Declaration of Conformity Issue D - Flo Pod Suit.pdf

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