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The Sellprotex two piece suit is a single use garment that provides the highest level of protection against particulate contamination. The suit was designed for the nuclear industry to provide protection against particulate radioactive contamination, but is suitable for use in industries where protection from particulate hazards is required.

  • Designed for use with breathable air supplied from an external compressed air source providing positive pressure
  • Emergency breather attachment (P3 filter not supplied) - can be blower assisted
  • 360° swivel airline system with adjustable waist belt
  • Button fastenings at the waist for further tape sealing after donning
  • Visor giving excellent vertical and horizontal lines of vision
  • Integral sock booties with outer legs providing sealed protection
  • Manufactured from unsupported translucent 300 micron PVC


Class 5 (50,000) Nominal Protection Factor (NPF)
Protective Clothing Against Particulate Radioactive Contamination

Air Supply

The air flowing into the garment must conform to EN 12021:1999 Annex A. In the event that partial contamination may exist in the factory ring main from which the suit draws its air supply, a Respirex in-line filter unit should be fitted to the air system; this will prevent the ingression of contamination down to 5 microns in size from entering the garment.

Required Airflow:    120 l/m (min) to 300 l/m (max)


  • Plain cuffs for tape sealing
  • Permanently attached gloves
  • ‘O’ ring cuff system
  • Welders version
  • Fall arrest version

Product Sales Sheet:


Product Instructions:
BS049 Sellprotex 2-piece suit issue C - rev 2.pdf


CE Certificate:
CE 700891 - I.pdf