Respirex International

Airprotex FM Particulate Suit

The Respirex Airprotex FM is  versatile single use suit developed for use in the Nuclear Industry to provide protection against particulate radioactive contamination.

  • One piece air cooled suit designed for use with airline breathing apparatus
  • For lower risk areas the suit can be easily converted with the Respirex breather pack for use without a facemask
  • Built-in ventilation to arms and legs provides cooling for user
  • Rear entry with double zip flap
  • Choice of integral socks and outer legs for external footwear, or integral socks with non-slip soles and ankle ties for internal footwear
  • Removable gloves with O-ring cuff and sealing ring, or plain sleeves for taping
  • CE marked to EN1073-1:1998

Type approved for use in the following configurations:

  • Positive pressure demand airline respiratory system using Scott Respiratory Airline System (RAS) and Promask PP
  • Constant airflow system using Scott Air Control waist belt and Promask Combi
  • Air fed suit system using Respirex breather pack and Scott air control waist belt

N.B. An emergency breather facility is provided in each combination



Class 5 (50,000) Nominal Protection Factor (NPF)


Suit available in either anti-static 150 micron or 300 micron unsupported PVC, or thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane film (TPU). Anti-static properties are in accordance with EN1149-1:1996.

Air Supply

The air flowing into the garment must conform to EN 12021:1999 Annex A. In the event that partial contamination may exist in the factory ring main from which the suit draws its air supply, a Respirex in-line filter unit should be fitted to the air system; this will prevent the ingression of contamination down to 5 microns in size from entering the garment.


  • Welders version (300 micron PVC suits only)
  • Fall Arrest version (300 micron PVC suits only)

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