Respirex International

Viral Containment Body Bag

A gas-tight body bag, designed to contain virally contaminated mortalities.

  • Manufactured from Chemprotex™ 400 chemical barrier fabric, which provides excellent protection against a broad range of chemicals (Click here for permeation data)
  • Chemprotex™ 400 material provides a physical barrier to particulate, liquid, vapour and gasses
  • Lightweight material for ease of storing, transport and handling
  • Two P3 particulate filters fitted internally allow gasses produced by the body as part of the decomposition process to pass safely out of the bag
  • P3 Particle filters trap solid and liquid particles, e.g. dusts, smoke, mists, micro-organisms and radioactive particles
  • Two external one-way vent valves
  • Absorbent pads in the bottom of the bag capable of holding more than five litres of fluid
  • Gas-tight zip (2m in length) fitted around the top and side of the bag for ease of access
  • Easy grip toggle on zip slider for ease of use when wearing protective gloves
  • Disposal by means of either cremation or burial

Length: 2.3m
Width: 1m at widest point
0.5m at narrowest point