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In collaboration with several leading chemical manufacturers, Respirex have developed an entirely new concept of chemical protective clothing, which is CE certified to the new DEKRA standard FRM 90.166.0 and the European PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The GLS range of single-use garments are flexible, lightweight and manufactured and tested to ISO 17491-1:2012 Method 2 (the gas-tightness inflation standard for protective clothing).

The principle behind the development of the GLS range of suits was the changing demographic of the workforce today, with people retiring later. Traditional re-usable gas-tight suits tend to be heavy and require a rigorous maintenance program to ensure that the garment is always fit for use.  Additionally in Germany, employers insurance regulations  specify that where suits in excess of 5kg are to be worn, the workforce are required to annually undergo a comprehensive health screening program. 

One of the major requirements was that the GLS range of suits should be usable in potentially explosive environments. Testing was carried out by an independent test house according to the ATEX guidelines and confirmed that the suits may be used in a number of different EX zones.

  • GLS 300A

    GLS 300A

    A fully encapsulating suit with SCBA worn inside the suit

  • GLS 300B

    GLS 300B

    Designed for use with SCBA worn outside the suit, a facemask and filter or airline respirator

  • GLS 300C

    GLS 300C

    An air-fed suit used with breathable air from an external compressed air source

Key Features of GLS Suits:

  • Gas-Tight Construction
    Every GLS suit is tested to ISO 17491-1:2012 Method 2, the same pressure test used for EN943-2 gas-tight suits. 
  • Lightweight, comfortable material
    Chemprotex™ 300 is a soft, flexible chemical barrier material that is far lighter than materials typically used in re-usable gas-tight chemical suits. This improves user comfort and reduces the physical burden of wearing the suits for extended periods.
  • Single use garments
    No risk from cross contamination or from suits that have not been fully decontaminated. No costs for laundering, repairs or testing.
  • ATEX Tested
    All GLS suit models are designed to prevent the build up of electrostatic charge  and have been tested by an independent test house according to the ATEX guidelines for use in potentially explosive atmospheres - details of the zones in which they can be used are covered under each model in this brochure.
  • Innovative design features
    Lighter weight gas-tight zippers, easy to don & doff with no taping required, low-noise air system (300C), patented facemask seal (300B).
  • Permasure™ Toxicity Modeller
    Toxicity modelling database for Chemprotex™ materials that can calculate the safe working time for over 4,000 different chemicals based on real world operating conditions.
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