Chemprotex™ 300 Combi

Lightweight, Type 3 liquid-tight, limited-life cowl suit, designed for use with a with a face mask and filter or appropriate face and head protection. 

  • Compatible with the Permasure® Toxicity Modeller for calculation of safe working time with a given chemical based on real world conditions 
  • One-piece construction in blue Chemprotex™ 300
  • Integral elasticated hood
  • Nylon zip, fitted vertically from groin to neck with twin flaps and hook and loop fastener to seal
  • Unique zip-flap arrangement ensures liquid tight performance without the need for taping the flap 
  • Minimal taping required to achieve stated performance - unlike the  majority of other suits that require taping at the wrist, ankle zip and facemask, the lightweight combi needs only a single piece of tape at the neck, dramatically reducing donning and doffing times
  • Elasticated legs
  • Double cuff with elasticated outer and soft elasticated inner for user comfort and thumb loop to ensure sleeves don’t ride up the arm in use


  • TYPE 3, TYPE 4
    EN 14605:2005+A1:2009
    Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - liquid-tight and spray-tight connections
  • TYPE 5
    EN ISO 13982-1:2004+A1:2010

    Protective clothing against solid particulates
  • TYPE 3-B, TYPE 4-B, TYPE 5-B, TYPE 6-B
    EN 14126:2003
    Protective clothing against infective agents
  • EN 1149-1:2006
    Protective clothing - electrostatic properties

Product Sales Sheet:

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User Instructions:

BS092 Combi CP300.pdf


CE Certificate:

One Piece Suits Regulation Cert - GB18_962315.pdf


Declaration of Conformity:

DoC COMB132 Issue5.pdf