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Chemprotex™ 300 Combi Pro

Lightweight, Type 3 liquid-tight, limited re-use cowl suit, designed for use with a full face mask and filter or appropriate facial and respiratory protection.

  • Compatible with the Permasure® Toxicity Modeller for calculation of safe working time with a given chemical based on real world conditions
  • One-piece construction in blue Chemprotex™ 300 high performance chemical barrier fabric
  • Spun bonded ‘fluffy’ inner surface and lightweight flexible outer layer reduces noise and improves wearer comfort
  • Elasticated hood ensures a good fit with both half & full facemask respirators
  • Kemblok™ chemically protective laminated glove welded to the suit material, with elasticated over-sleeve.
  • Adjustment tab on hood for greater comfort when not wearing a full facemask
  • Integral sock foot with elasticated outer splash guard leg
  • Nylon zip, fitted vertically from groin to neck with twin flaps and a hook and loop fastener to seal
  • Unique zip-flap arrangement ensures liquid tight performance without the need for taping the flap
  • Minimal taping required to achieve stated performance - unlike the majority of other suits that also require taping at the wrist, ankle and zip, the lightweight combi only requires taping around the facemask, dramatically reducing donning and doffing times
  • Suit design also available in Chemprotex™ Viro particulate and infective agent barrier fabric

TYPE 3, EN14605:2005+A1 2009
Liquid-Tight Chemical Protective Clothing

TYPE 4, EN14605:2005+A1 2009
Spray-Tight Chemical Protective Clothing

TYPE 5, EN13982-1:2004+A1:2010
Particulate Protective Clothing

TYPE 6, EN13034:2005+A1 2009
Limited Spray-Tight Chemical Protective Clothing

EN 14126:2003
Protective Clothing Against Infective Agents

EN 1149-1:2006
Antistatic Protective Clothing

The Chemprotex™ 300 Combi suit can be reused until chemical contamination occurs, damage or wear to the suit is detected or hygienic cleaning becomes necessary. Please refer to the user instructions for full details.


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