Respirex International

Anti-Splash Hood

Reusable anti-splash hoods are available in a range of materials to provide the best possible protection against numerous potentially hazardous situations

  • Designed for short duration work
  • Highly chemically resistant visor
  • Air vents at the front and rear of the hood
  • Large front and rear capes providing protection to the chest area, secured by adjustable straps under the wearer’s arms
  • Hanging point bonded to the top of the hood to allow proper storage

Important Notes

  • Anti-Splash Hoods must not be worn in confined areas where there may be fumes or vapours, or the oxygen content in the air drops below 21%
  • Strenuous work that increases the wearer’s breathing rate should not be undertaken whilst wearing the hood


EN14605:2005+A1:2009 Type 4*, Type PB[4]
*When worn in combination with a suitable jacket, trousers, gloves and safety boots, Respirex chemical protective Anti-Splash hoods will meet the performance requirements of Type 4 (spray-tight) clothing. Alternatively, a chemical protective one-piece suit may be substituted for the jacket and trousers.

Material Options:

  • Viton®/Butyl/Viton®
  • Bromobutyl
  • Neoprene (Yellow or Fluorescent Red)
  • PVC (Yellow or Green)