Respirex International

Body Bag

A gas tight body bag, designed to contain chemically contaminated mortalities and body parts after a CBRN incident.

  • Manufactured with a DuPont™ Tychem® TK shell, which provides excellent protection against a broad range of chemicals (see separate Respirex material permeation chart)
  • Provides a physical barrier to particulate, liquid, vapour and gas materials with a minimum breakthrough of 48 hours
  • Lightweight material for ease of storing, transporting and handling
  • Durable material with an abrasion resistant reinforced PVC base
  • Enhanced CBRN filter (3M JFR-85) allowing gasses produced by the body as part of the decomposition process to pass out of the bag
  • Shut off valve over CBRN filter exhausts
  • Sturdy carrying straps allow up to four people in PPE to assist with lifting and carrying
  • Absorbent pads in the bottom of the bag capable of holding more than five litres of fluid
  • Heavy duty gas-tight zip around three sides of the bag for ease of access, fitted with DuPont™ Viton® ring on slider for ease of use when wearing CPPE gloves
  • Disposal by means of either cremation or burial
  • Clear hazard warning signs identifying the type of CRBN hazard within the bag
  • Two waterproof A4 pouches to allow identification paperwork to be attached to the body bag
  • Clear viewing window to allow relatives to view the deceased

DuPont™, Tychem® and Viton® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.


  • Large adult
  • Medium adult
  • Infant/fragment

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