Respirex International

Airprotex AF

The Airprotex AF is a Type 2, non-gas-tight, one-piece, single-use suit with a reusable, removable air system that provides the highest level of protection against liquid chemical and particulate hazards.

  • Manufactured in blue Chemprotex™ 300, a highly chemically resistant barrier laminate fabric 
  • For use with AF-429 regulator and breathing pack (see below) which are easily removable for re-use 
  • For use with breathable air-supplied from an external compressed air source providing positive pressure 
  • Cooling system, completely contained within the garment, provides cooling air to the user after connection to AF-429 
  • Short air-line ‘tail’ for taping to hose Noise level within the suit
  • Kemblok™ chemically protective laminated glove welded to the sleeve with an elasticated oversleeve 
  • Sock feet with outer splash guard leg for use with external safety boots 
  • Front entry design with zip across chest and a two protective cover flaps 
  • Clear visor with horizontal and vertical fields of vision 
  • Four exhalation valves fitted with covers 
  • Compatible with the Permasure® toxicity modelling app, capable of calculating safe working times for over 4,000 common industrial and hazardous chemicals 
  • Electro-Static Dissipative construction enables the suit to be used in potentially explosive (ATEX) atmospheres (when worn with ESD outer gloves and footwear). 


  • TYPE 2
    EN943-1:2002 “Non-Gas-Tight” Chemical Protective Suits

ATEX Zones:

Tested in accordance with EN IEC 60079-32-2:2015 and CEN/CLC/TR 16832:2015 for use in the following ATEX environments:

  • Dust Ex atmospheres:ZONES 20, 21 & 22
  • Gas Ex atmospheres:ZONES 1 & 2


  •  270-400 ltr/min

AF-429 Regulator:

The AF-429 is a reusable automatic flow control regulator for breathable air and suit ventilation. 

  •  Self adjusting when used with a breathable compressed air-line system operating between 4 and 9 bar
  •  Low-flow warning whistle
  •  Compact, lightweight design
  •  Supplied with waist-belt & cushioning pad
  •  Use with Respirex breather pack

Breather Pack

The breather pack is a flexible air connector that buttons into a compatible suit (e.g. Airprotex AF), bringing breathable air from the waist mounted regulator up to the front of the visor of the suit.


  •  AF429 Regulator 
  •  Breather Pack 
  •  Butoject ESD (outer) gloves
  •  Hazmax™ ESD safety boots