Respirex International

Simplair A.E. Suit

A reusable Type 2 ‘non-gas-tight’ chemical protective suit designed for use with breathable air supplied from an external compressed air source providing positive pressure.

  • Air system completely contained within the suit that provides breathing and cooling air to the user
  • An audible warning device designed to activate if the airflow drops below the minimum level required to maintain CO2 below 1%
  • Available in a range of chemical resistant fabrics
  • An adjustable waist belt supports the air system and is fitted with a foam back pad for increased comfort
  • Exhalation valves ensure that the pressure change within the suit does not exceed 400 pascals in one minute
  • A durable rigid PVC visor giving a high degree of undistorted vision, with optional removable visor, or a lightweight, totally transparent PVC hood enabling 360°vision
  • Optional three-point hanging system which helps prevent distortion during storage
  • Zip options fitted across the chest include 36” water tight or double slide nylon zip.
  • Zip flap options with the above include: Plain; hook and loop fastener; Press stud fastening.
  • Cuff options: Locking cuff; Soft cuff; Double elasticated; Elasticated inner and straight outer; ’O’ ring.
  • Leg options: Double elasticated with stirrup; Single elasticated with stirrup and straight outer; Integral sock; Fixed boot or removable boot.
  • Gloves that are compatible with the suit material
  • A wide range of approved airline couplings can be fitted to the suit, however it is recommended that large bore couplings are used


EN 943-1:2002 Part 1, Type 2
- Ventilated non-gas-tight chemical protective suits
To the technical specification of Annex II, Regulation (EU) 2016/425

Air Supply

The air flowing into the garment must conform to EN 12021:1999 Annex A. In the event that partial contamination may exist in the factory ring main from which the suit draws its air supply, a Respirex in-line filter unit should be fitted to the air system; this will prevent the ingression of contamination down to 5 microns in size from entering the garment.

Required Airflow:    360 l/m (min) to 440 l/m (max)


Product Sales Sheet:



Product Instructions:

BS005 Simplair Suit Issue D.pdf


CE Certificate:

 Simplair Suit CE 680569 Suit - Regulation.pdf