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Simplair A.E. Hood

The Simplair A.E. Hood designed for use with breathable air supplied from an external compressed air source providing positive pressure.

  • Provides partial body protection and is designed to be worn in conjunction with other suitable items of protective clothing
  • Air system contained within the hood provides breathing air to the wearer with an audible warning device designed to activate if the airflow drops below the minimum level required to keep CO2 levels below 1%
  • Available in a range of chemical resistant fabrics
  • Front & rear cape panels provide protection to well below the wearer’s chest area
  • Air system is supported by an adjustable waist belt, fitted with a foam back pad for maximum wearer comfort
  • Twin exhalation valves
  • A durable rigid PVC visor giving a high degree of undistorted vision, with optional removable visor
  • Optional particulate filter
  • Optional three point hanging system which helps prevent distortion during storage
  • Worn in conjunction with a chemical protective jacket and trousers (or a chemical protective one-piece suit), gloves and safety boots, the complete outfit meets the performance requirements for EN 14605:2005 +A1: 2009 (TYPE 3 and 4) protective clothing.
  • Also available as a protective blouse on request


  • Class 4A (Headtop), Class 4B (Belt assembly)
    EN1495:2005, Respiratory protective devices
  • Type PB[4]
    EN14605:2005+A1:2009, Part Body Chemical Protective Clothing

Air Supply:

The air flowing into the garment must conform to EN 12021:1999 Annex A. In the event that partial contamination may exist in the factory ring main from which the suit draws its air supply, a Respirex in-line filter unit should be fitted to the air system; this will prevent the ingression of contamination down to 5 microns in size from entering the garment.

Required Airflow:    220 l/m (min) to 280 l/m (max)


  • Rubber neck seal
  • In-line 5 micron filter

Product Sales Sheet:



Product Instructions:

BS004 Simplair Hood Issue C EN.pdf


CE Certificate:

CE 700934 - I.pdf