Respirex International

Other Items

Viral Containment Body Bag


  • Koolvest


    Cooling vest compatible with all Gas Tight and Splash Suits

Suit Testing and Care

  • Automatic Gas Tight Suit Verification Unit

    Automatic Gas Tight Suit Verification Unit

    Test unit that automatically inflates a suit, performs a pressure test and displays the result

  • Citrikleen


    A high quality citric based cleaner for the removal of heavy grease, oil and other petroleum type soil deposits

  • Max Wax

    Max Wax

    Zip lubricant

  • Synodor


    Odour neutraliser for chemical protective clothing

  • Fog Off

    Fog Off

    Anti-fogging visor cleanser.

  • Manual Test Box

    Manual Test Box

    Test unit for performing a gas-tightness test to ISO 17491-1:2012

Nuclear Equipment

  • Can Carriers

    Can Carriers

    Designed to transport sealed canisters of radioactive substances safely.

  • MSM Bag

    MSM Bag

    The Master Slave Manipulator bag has been developed to transport contaminated robotic arms for cleaning and maintenance.