Respirex International


Respirex designs and manufactures a wide range of protective suits and equipment for the nuclear industry providing protection against particulate radioactive contamination. Typical applications include plant decommissioning, annual outages and general maintenance.

Our range of nuclear suits are approved to EN 1073-1:1998 (Protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination) and includes air-fed suits, powered air suits with breathing and cooling air supplied by a powered respirator and general purpose nuclear particulate suits for use with an appropriate facemask and filter.

Particulate Garments

Air-Fed Particulate Suits

    Particulate Suits

      • Nuprotex E

        Nuprotex E

        Single piece particulate suit for use with facemask and appropriate filter

      Gas-Tight Suits

      CBRN Equipment

      Chemical Workwear

      • Chemprotex™ 300 Combi Pro

        Chemprotex™ 300 Combi Pro

        Lightweight, Type 3 liquid-tight, limited re-use cowl suit, designed for use with a full face mask and filter or appropriate facial and respiratory protection.

      Protective Footwear

      Chemically Protective Footwear

        Air Supply Equipment

        Other Items

        Nuclear Equipment

          • Can Carriers

            Can Carriers

            Designed to transport sealed canisters of radioactive substances safely.

          • MSM Bag

            MSM Bag

            The Master Slave Manipulator bag has been developed to transport contaminated robotic arms for cleaning and maintenance.