Respirex International

Flo-Pod powered respirator systems

When it comes to the long-term use of respiratory protection, especially under Corona conditions, maximum performance is expected from the operating personnel. The permanent wearing of FFP3 and FFP2 disposable masks can quickly lead to staff fatigue due to the increased breathing resistance. In medical centres, in particular, powered respirator systems can be a real alternative - and not only in connection with the Corona pandemic.

Respirex therefore thought early on about the lightest yet powerful respiratory protection system that specialises in biological hazards. In the meantime, extensive experience in the field of medicine has also been gained. Leading institutes and medical facilities in Germany therefore use Flo-Pod systems.

The specialisation in the P3 area leads to light systems with an optimal protective effect that can be used in different suit- and hood systems - depending on the requirements. In addition, the highly effective P3 filter allows safe multiple use and thus saves the environment an increased amount of waste.

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