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Flo-Pod Powered Respirator Launched

18-01-2013 12:27:00

Respirex today launched their new compact powered respirator, the Flo-Pod™. With a unique and simple self test facility that performs a flow check every time you press the button to start the respirator, the Flo-Pod sets the standard for simplicity ad ease of use.

The Flo-Pod powered respirator has been designed to fit onto the visor of compatible hoods and suits; building on Respirex’s 30 years of particulate garment experience, the hood design provides unrivalled visibility and freedom allowing the operator to wear glasses, ear defenders or other headgear if required. With a separate rechargeable four or eight hour battery pack on a waist belt, Flo-Pod allows operators to work in comfort for as long as required to safely complete the task at hand.

Utilising a single widely available P3 R filter, the Flo-Pod performs a complete self-test and calibration on start-up and continually adjusts motor speed to reduce noise and prolong battery life. This easy to use system presents the operator with a green ‘safe to work’ LED on the respirator that is clearly visible at the base of the visor; a red LED together with an audible warning indicate low battery power, low air-flow or if the filter has not been fitted.

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