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Brussels Fire Brigade respond to chemical incident at Chirec hospital

First responders from the hazmat team at Brussels fire brigade were on scene in Chirec Delta hospital yesterday to intervene in a chemical incident after toxic chemicals were accidentally mixed together. 

Chlorine was accidentally mixed with other chemicals in the technical area of the physiotherapy department at the hospital. This produced a fuming toxic gas and staff were quick at isolating the area in the hospital.

The hazmat team from Brussels fire brigade arrived on scene to safely organise the clean up and removal of the chemicals. Thanks to the swift actions of staff at the hospital and the fire department the incident was dealt with quickly and no one was injured.

Our GTL lightweight suit is a fully encapsulating Type 1A Emergency Teams limited life gas-tight suit. It is trusted by hazmat teams worldwide to protect emergency responders from toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals. 

It is manufactured from Chemprotex 400, a high-performance multi-layer barrier laminate material that offers incredible chemical performance whilst remaining lightweight and flexible. 

Image source: Pompiers de Bruxelles - Brandweer Brussel

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