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GLS: New Lightweight Chemical Suits for Industry

The principle behind the development of the GLS range of suits was the changing demographic of the workforce today, with people retiring later. Traditional re-usable gas-tight suits tend to be heavy and require a rigorous maintenance program to ensure that the garment is always fit for use.

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New Permasure™ App launched

The new Permasure™ Toxicity Modeller App is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play

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Kemblok™ Gloves Launched

Our new Kemblok™ 7-layer chemical barrier glove is now available, offering exceptional protection from hazardous chemicals and micro-organisms

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KTC Fire joins the Respirex International Group of Companies

We are very pleased to announce that on the first of September Respirex International limited acquired KTC Fire.

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New Group Newsletter Launched

We have just launched our new group newsletter - The Lions Mouth, with all the latest news and product information from Respirex and MFC Survival. Click for further information.

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A+A 2013

Our first A+A shared with MFC Survival was a great success. Thank you to all of our distributors and customers who took the time to visit our stand, for making it such a wonderful show.

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Respirex Acquires MFC Survival

Respirex today announced the acquisition of MFC Survival, manufacturers of emergency rescue and survival equipment.

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Flo-Pod Powered Respirator Launched

Respirex today launched their new compact powered respirator, the Flo-Pod™. With a unique and simple self test facility that performs a flow check every time you press the button to start the respirator, the Flo-Pod sets the standard for simplicity ad ease of use.

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