Respirex International

A Brief History of Respirex


1957 Company founded as a chain of pharmacies
1968 Developed and launched an oxygen resuscitator unit under the brand name Respirex
1978 Started the manufacturer of Respirex branded chemical protective clothing for the petrochemical industry, with the first suits developed for Mobil and Texaco
1978 Development of our first gas-tight suit
1990 Launch of the companies first air-fed chemical suit
1994 Respirex Testing Laboratory established
1996 Laboratory gains UKAS accreditation
1997 Moved to our current Redhill factory
1999 ServiceTech on-site servicing and training introduced
2000 Chemprotex (predecessor of the current PRPS suit) developed to meet the requirements of the UK National Health Service
2001 First Nuclear garments developed for Sellafield
2006 Respirex France joint venture established as a sales and distribution company for the French market
2010 New automated boot factory opened in Reigate producing our Workmaster ranges of specialist protective boots and overboots
2013 Launch of our first powered respirator – Flo-Pod
2013 Acquisition of MFC Survival (
2015 Opened our German sales office (Respirex GmbH) in Bautzen
2017 Launched the Kemblok™ chemical protective glove
2017 Introduction of the new GLS range of lightweight Type 3 suits that are tested ISO 17491-1:2012 Method 2 and ATEX
2018 Permasure™ toxicity modeller smartphone app launched
2019 Acquisition of new footwear factory site in West Sussex
2020 Refurbishment of footwear factory and opening of Kemblok House in West Sussex