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Respirex Brexit Statement

At 31st January 2019

Respirex is fortunate enough to have many valued customers throughout Europe. As the 29th March fast approaches we are being increasingly asked what provisions we are taking in the event of a “NO Deal” Brexit.

In the event the UK reaches a Deal
The UK will enter the transitional period and, for the immediate future, things will continue as they are. Obviously, we will all have to see what trading arrangements are negotiated for the period once the transition period comes to an end.

The unregulated Brexit:
Should the UK end up with a “NO Deal” position, things could be very tough. Respirex values the distributor network it has built up over the years and the effort you all have put into building our brand loyalty. Respirex views this unfortunate situation as our problem and not yours. Therefore we are committed to ensuring we do all we can to ensure your business with us is not disrupted.

In a “NO Deal” scenario tariffs will be placed on our products. On average, these will be around 3.5% and we do not intend to hand these onto our distributors. We will, of course, continue to review our prices on an annual basis as we currently do.

We founded RESPIREX GmbH in August 2015, this company is based in Bautzen, Saxony. Our German subsidiary has both the personnel and the storage capacity to increase inventories at short notice. We will use Respirex GmbH as our European hub and will invest in that business as much as possible to ensure your supplies are not disrupted.

Repairs and maintenance services
We are currently building a maintenance and repair unit in Bautzen, which can carry out all testing and repair tasks for our customers.

Do existing EC type-examination certificates and EC conformity declarations lose their validity?
No. Existing CE certificates remain valid. Both of the notified bodies we use for certification have opened European offices and have plans in place for either a deal or no deal scenario. Although the product technical declarations of the Declaration of Conformity will not change, the address for the responsible Notified Body will have to further include the European Notified Body office address. Going forward, all CE certificates will be reviewed and issued, according to the stipulations of the PPE (EU) Regulation 2016/425, by the European Notified Body.

Stocks of Raw Materials
Respirex carries large stocks of its regularly used raw materials and does not operate a “just in time“ policy with its suppliers. Our products are not perishable and therefore will not be exposed to deterioration if they are held in customs checks for longer than they are currently.

The UK cannot be isolated from the rest of Europe. The European standardization system is fundamentally different and independent of the legislative system of the EU. The European Standardization Organizations are NOT EU bodies. They are independent.
The anticipated outcome of the Brexit process moves daily. It is without doubt that the UK Government is not handling this process well and certainly not in the interests of commerce. However, we wish to assure you that we intend for it to be ‘business as usual’, but how we end up handling that will have to be left to us.

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