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Refinery Chemical Workwear & PPE solutions

Respirex are one of a very small number of PPE manufacturers that can provide a total chemical personal protective equipment solution to refineries.  The Respirex range encompasses both reusable and single-use garments and runs the spectrum of protection from daily workwear through to suits for emergency response.

The correct choice of suits for your application will depend on your particular facility's risks and the resources available to you, but we run through the key benefits and limitations of each option below.

Chemical Workwear Options

Single-Use Suits

Ideal for sites where laundering is impractical or if suits are likely to be damaged or difficult to clean. Single-use suits are lighter than reusable equivalents, but the thinner materials are more prone to damage from abrasion, puncture etc.

Purchase Cost:  ☆
Lifetime Cost:   ☆☆☆
Protection:       ☆☆


Single Use Combi.jpg

PVC Jacket & Trousers

An extremely cost-effective solution where suits can be laundered. PVC suits provide excellent protection against weak acids and hydrocarbons, and their durability means that they are more cost-effective over the garment's lifespan than disposable suits. Gloves are fitted to the suit via a liquid-tight cuff system rather than being taped to the suit.

Purchase Cost:  ☆☆
Lifetime Cost:   ☆☆
Protection:       ☆☆


PVC Jacket & Trousers.jpg

Reusable Neoprene Jackets, Trousers & Suits

A high-performance choice for more aggressive chemicals such as Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), neoprene workwear is comfortable and durable with a lower lifetime cost of ownership than the equivalent number of disposable suits.

Neoprene workwear can be customised to meet specific site requirements, with options for push-fit or locking cuff systems for gloves and a range of hoods or collars to choose from. A selection of leg styles is available, including straight or elasticated leg ends, stirrups, and double leg ends with an inner leg worn inside a wellington boot with a splash guard leg outside. Other options include customer branding or ID numbers and reinforcement patches.

Purchase Cost:  ☆☆☆
Lifetime Cost:   ☆☆
Protection:       ☆☆☆


Neoprene Jacket & trousers.jpg

Refinery PPE Banner.png

Enhanced Protection

Air-Fed Suits, Blouses & Hoods (Class C & D)

Provide a high level of protection where contact with toxic or aggressive chemicals is likely (e.g. during planned maintenance). Typically made from Neoprene (but other fabric choices are available), there are a range of customisation options available. In addition to breathing air in the hood, air-fed suits include ventilation in the arms and legs for cooling, improving wearer comfort.

Protection:       ☆☆☆☆


Air Fed Suit.jpg

Gas-Tight Suits (Class E)

Type 1A-ET Gas-tight suits are suitable for emergency response to chemical incidents; these suits are designed for use with Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and cover both the wearer and the SCBA set. Both single-use and reusable suit types are available; single use suits are lighter and more comfortable, reusable suits are (by their nature) more durable. The choice between them will usually come down to wearer preference and how often suits are used; if they are used regularly then reusable suits will generally be more cost-effective. With no need to re-test or maintain single-use suits, these can be more suitable in areas where maintenance and support facilities are limited.

Protection:       ☆☆☆☆☆


GTB Gas Tight Suit.jpg


Hazmax chemical resistant safety boots – provide excellent protection against a broad range of aggressive and toxic chemicals. Fitted with a durable slip-resistant vulcanised rubber sole, Hazmax boots will significantly outlast PVC boots while providing greater chemical protection. Suitable for machine washing up to 40°C, Hazmax boots can be incorporated into the same neutralisation and sanitation laundering cycle as reusable suits. 

Neck cloths – fitted to a hard hat; these provide liquid splash and UV protection for the wearer's neck.

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